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Frequently Asked Questions

 Can the retail consumer purchase directly from J and a?

J and A is a wholesaler which does sell directly to the retail consumer.


Can the retail consumer get a catalog and/or pricing information from J and A?

J and A does sell directly to the retail consumers, However J and A  cannot provide catalogs and/or pricing information at this time. Sorry for the inconvience.


Where can I go to buy J and A furnitures and/or Mattresses?

You may use our online google feature to find the J and A vendor near you.


How can I receive parts and/or service for furniture I purchased?

Please request all parts and/or services through your authorized J and A dealer.


Will the stores in my area actually have the item I want in stock?

J and A can determine what collections we stock, however each dealer has the capability to order from any available collection. Please call in advance to see if a dealer has the product of your interest in stock before visiting a store.
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